Vicky Papas, a B1X, a Beauty Dish and a Mind’s Eye Vision


Two years ago, almost to the day, the first Bill Hurter Memorial Award was presented to Vicky Papas Vergara, a phenomenal artist from Australia. Over the last couple of years I’ve caught up to Vicky on Facebook a few times, and just recently Profoto released this video of her in action. She’s a phenomenal artist, and Profoto captured a little of her creative process in this short video.

There’s very little that tops being able to watch another artist work. I especially love Vicky’s comment in the video about catchlight and the importance of the eyes. If it’s true that the eyes are the gateway to the soul, then Vicky is the ultimate gatekeeper!

If you haven’t checked out Profoto’s Off-Camera Flash System, it’s time to wander into one of their dealers.  And, to see more of Vicky’s stunning work, click on either image above to visit her website.


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