July Photo Month Winner Week 2

It’s time to announce the second July Photo Month winner.


This Photo Book Looks Back at the 1974 Show That Made Bruce Springsteen the “Rock and Roll Future”

In early May 1974, Bruce Springsteen performed a show that is now considered to be the turning point in his career, and an important moment in the music industry. That night, two key personalities catapulted Springsteen from „the new Bob Dylan“ into „the rock and roll future:“ music critic for Rolling Stone Jon Landau and photographer Barry Schneier. A photo book showcasing many never before seen photos taken by Schneier from that historic performance is currently being funded on Kickstarter. 

John Ferguson: Black and White Documentary Photographs of London’s Cage Fighters

The toughest guys often have the most interesting stories to tell, and it’s the job of story-driven photographers like John Ferguson to get the word out for them. The brutal world of contact sports like mixed martial arts and cage fighting is one of the best places to find such subjects. The London-based photographer found himself with a bunch of fighters, each with their own part to play in the savage cage fighting scene.